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Online Italian Lessons

If travelling is a problem or you are fed up with spending time in traffic or worrying of not finding parking space, then you may consider learning Italian from the comfort of your home with online lessons via Skype or Face Time.

You have  no geographic barriers and more time flexibility. The use of headphones allows you to adjust the volume and be more focused, the pronunciation of new words are often clearer and easier to understand.

All you need is an internet connection, a computer/ laptop/mobile phone , a web camera and a microphone.

Sessions can be structured or just conversation based. Material can be sent to you via email and can be corrected electronically. You will have your own "digital corkboard" we can both access during and outside the sessions to write notes, sentences, practise spelling and grammar, but also to upload/exchange material, web links and images.

If you are interested and would like more information or book a session, please contact me 

Here's what people think of the Online Learning...

"My husband and I are keen to improve our spoken Italian. We had the good fortune to meet Carmela at one of her Shustoke workshops and were impressed by her very professional teaching style and her fun personality. We would have liked to follow up with lessons at her home but felt that Shustoke was a little too far for us to travel to on a regular basis. Carmela suggested that we try some “FaceTime” lessons which we could do from our own home and at a convenient time.

These are working out really well. We have the benefit of an excellent teacher who focuses the lessons specifically on our needs and our requests. So far we have chosen the themes for conversation and the areas of grammar that we would like to improve on. Each lesson begins with some conversation linked to our level. Carmela speaks very clearly and she is very quick to respond to us positively with relevant vocabulary and examples when we need some help. Simultaneously she deftly types new language on to PADLET which becomes a resource for us that can be printed out later if we wish."

"Carmela is very organised and e mails us appropriate homework materials shortly after each lesson. These are very varied and always interesting. Some, for example, provide stimulus for conversation and vocabulary extension and others provide practise in particular aspects of grammar. Her selection of materials has been spot on for our needs. We then talk through our homework during the FaceTime lesson. Carmela uses Italian to communicate with us throughout but picks up quickly if we need a short explanation in English.

The lessons are a huge help to us and we would recommend anyone at any level to try this method of learning because not only does Carmela know her stuff and is skilled at tuning into her students, she is also very encouraging and great fun to work with."

-Tricia and Thompson Patterson