Personalised Italian Language Tuition

Traditional Italian Cooking Workshops 

Italian traditional cooking workshop

Italian traditional cooking workshop 

Join me in my kitchen and learn how to prepare and cook traditional Italian food. I leant how to make authentic Neapolitan dishes from my Mamma and Nonna, when I lived in Naples, and would would like to share and pass on the traditional recipes!

The cooking workshop includes demonstrations and step-to-step guidance on preparing your own dish, and to finish with a taste of your dish with Italian wine or Prosecco.


Each sessions is approx 4 hours long and  can be presented in English or Italian (intermediate level). If the session is in Italian I will send you a list of Italian vocabulary we are going to use on the day prior the session.

One option per group, max. 4 people per group, £48 each.

Gift vouchers are available

For more information or to book: contact me 

Italian cookery program in Shustoke

Choose From A Wide Range Of Sweet And Savory Dishes To Prepare:  


How to make scones with an Italian Twist!

How to make one of the Italian rice salads

How to make Marinated aubergines

italian preserve with aubergines

How to make marinated courgettes with mint.

Melanzane Parmigiana & Focaccia

Pasta ripiena con carne 

Garganelli with Courgettes & Prawns

Colomba - Easter cake workshops

Pandoro - Christmas cake workshops

Panettone - Christmas cake workshops 


Orecchiette making workshops

Gnocchi making workshops

Ravioli Ricotta & Salmon Workshops

Ravioli con carne workshops

Ravioli making workshops

Ravioli making workshops

Ravioli making workshops 

Zeppole & Ravioli making workshop 


Pizza dough making class

  • Italian pizza making
    Our Pizza Making session
  • Italian pizza cooking
  • Italian pizza preparation
Italian pizza making
Our Pizza Making session

Pasta making workshop

  • Italian Pasta making
    Here we are rolling the dough some of us with the machine and some used the rolling pin. Have you noticed the tagliatelle drying on the flags banner?
  • Italian Pasta Making
    Once the dough had been rolled out we cut it into different shapes: some did ravioli with spinaci e ricotta, some used this filling to make the agnolotti and tortellini.
  • Italian Cooking Workshop
    Here we are are making the bow shaped pasta using the square cutter and some cut the tagliatelle the old fashioned way
  • Italian Cooking: Making Ravioli
    A close up of the agnolotti filled with spinaci e ricotta made with red dough
  • Old Fashion Pasta Drying
    How Neapolitan dried their pasta in 1897
  • Old Fashion Pasta Drying
    The Italians used to drying their pasta in the sunshine, (Palermo -Sicily early 20th century)
Italian Pasta making
Here we are rolling the dough some of us with the machine and some used the rolling pin. Have you noticed the tagliatelle drying on the flags banner?

 "Carmela came to our Centre in plenty of time to get organised before our

Group arrived. She was adaptable to the limited kitchen facilities without flapping or making a fuss, making sensible suggestions.

Carmela was patient and very easy to get along with, which helped our older members.

She explained the methodology of pasta making and encouraged us to take part in the procedure. We would certainly ask Carmela back to join us again and maybe she will teach us some Italian." 

(February 1st 2017 - Marguerite)