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Italian Lessons, classes and workshop

Italian Class For Holidays
Lessons are tailored to meet your need, to make learning relevant and interesting
Italian classes in Shustoke

I can organise short courses for those who wish to learn some basics to get by when going on holiday. Afterwards, like this group you may decide to continue and build on what you have learned to become more independent and learn a bit more about the Italian culture and traditions too.

Italian Classes

Large Group Lessons

This option is suitable for groups of friends or family. I can cater to different levels and ensure that the lessons are interesting and varied with lots of different topics. 

During each session we develop all four language skills, with lots of opportunities for pair and group work. We use authentic material and discuss current affair. Our role -plays are as realistic as possible to help develop your communication skill and prepare you for a real situation when going abroad.

We make use of mobile and WiFi facilities to have access to the internet and online resources. We share our knowledge and experience and students love to tell each others how they got on when they went on holiday to Italy. 
We work collaboratively to overcome difficulties and find strategies to remember vocabulary and improve the language skills.       

Group tuition usually takes place at my home in Shustoke; however, I am willing to travel within a ten mile radius to your premises. In fact I have an advanced conversation class in Lichfield that has been running for several years.  Therefore, if  you know a group of people interested in learning Italian please contact me.

Rates will vary according to number - it works out at approximately £15 each for a group of 5 - 8 for two hours.
I also organise tasting sessions, check my calendar on my Contact me page!