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Links To Practise Your Listening Skill

  • European news they speak fast but most o the videos have transcript so you can get an idea o what is being said also you can change the language so you can listen them in your own language to understand what it is all about

Links to practise your reading skills

  • Dual language Magazine - various topics, from travelling to cooking to history, literature and more you can switch from English to Italian languages
  • News for young students with articles easier to read. The article chosen is aout the Italian independence day - 25 Aprile, - 

My Padlet

More resources to practise your Italian can be found on my Padlet which I update regularly.

Click on the picture

Video on Italian hand gesture - funny! click on the picture to follow the link

To play quizzes outside the classroom download the Kahoot app by clicking on the link -

Dizionario Italiano con pronuncia e esempi

If you think you could be Dyslexic try this quick checklist questionnaire provided by the British Dyslexia Association. Click on the image to be directed to it.

I you want to know more you can also watch this video (in Italian) that explains the difficulties the dyslexics can encounter


The universities of Leeds, York and Manchester have worked together, to produce an interactive guide to social media. Click on the image to open the interactive guide.

To help memorise new words try this program-


To practise your speaking skills and to meet other people who wants to speak Italian or are mother tongue, you can join the 'meetup' group in Birmingham who organises meetings in different places visit their website to see their calendar and to join-

To understand the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning

To test your level -

To buy authentic Italian food from Marche, or to book tours etc. -

If you are looking for a nice place in Toscany  away from the crowd, there is an apartment in Lucca for rent. An English family moved to Lucca and rents one apartment with pool and mountain view to tourists. For more information and to book - then in the search you need to paste this number - 8052412

Ecco due film che descrivono gli stereotipi degli italiani del nord e del sud (in maniera comica ed esagerata) 'Benvenuti al Sud' e il seguito 'Benvenuti al Nord' - vale la pena vederli!

The making of Benvenuti al nord -