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Italian for holiday class

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Learn the basics to get by when going on holiday to Italy. class starts on Wednesday 3rd July - see details 

Summer Festival In Lucca Italy

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 If you are going to Toscany in June and July you may be interested in one of these concerts.

The artists performing are:

venerdì 28 giugno: Take That

sabato 29 giugno: Ennio Morricone (Mura Urbane)

domenica 30 giugno: Francesco De Gregori e Orchestra

venerdì 5 luglio: Toto

sabato 6 luglio: Calcutta

domenica 7 luglio: Elton John (Mura Urbane)

martedì 9 luglio: Macklemore & Anastasio

mercoledì 10 luglio: Tears for Fears

venerdì 12 luglio: New Order & Elbow (unica data italiana)

sabato 13 luglio: Mark Knopfler

martedì 16 luglio: Eros Ramazzotti

giovedì 18 luglio: Giorgia & Janelle Monàe

venerdì 19 luglio: Salmo & Måneskin

sabato 20 luglio: The Good, the Bad and the Queen (unica data italiana)

venerdì 26 luglio: Gemitaiz special guest Madman

sabato 27 luglio: Scorpions (unica data italiana)

lunedì 29 luglio: Sting

Ravioli for the younger generation!

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A fantastic morning spent making “two-tone” ravioli. It has been a pleasure to have had a young lad helping us, and to observe that amongst the young generation there are those who continue to appreciate home-made food and have the interest to learn how to make pasta. It was also satisfying to see his proud and happy look when he tasted his creation. It is delighting to pass on what I have learned from my mother and grandmother to the new generation, this will ensure that some of the Italian traditions will survive and continue to be appreciated overseas too. Well done everyone!

The 8th March is the international women's day.

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This day was designated in honour of the 1908 garment workers' strike in New York, where women protested against working conditions. Tragically, more than 100 of them died in a fire while protesting because trapped in the factory.

The mimosa was the flower chosen to commemorate the death of those brave factory workers and in Italy women are given the mimosa on this day (flower that blooms during this period).

For Indian Americans (where the plan was imported from in the XIX century) this flower symbolises strength and femininity.

Much has been done over the years to defend women’s right, but regretfully we still hear, every day, all the horrible cruelty, disrespect and unfairness some women are still suffering.

I found a lovely verse on the internet and I like to share it with you all. I attempted a translation in English so that all my friends (Italian speaks and English speakers can read this message).

Shrove Tuesday- Marted́ Grasso.

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Shrove Tuesday - martedì grasso, in Italy it is the last day of Carnival - a big festival when the little ones and the less little too get dressed in their favourite character (cartoon character, hero or one of the traditional Italian masks, such as Arlecchino, Pulcinella, Colombina etc.) Some of the Italian Carnival celebrations are known all over the world such as the Carnival in Venezia with its water parade, masquerade balls, and elaborate costumes; or the Carnival in Viareggio with its astonishing parade with allegoric floats; or Ivrea with the battle of oranges and so on. For the Carnival festival, as we do for the other festivities, we eat a particular sweet- the traditional one for the Carnival is Chiacchiere, a sweet thin crispy pastry shaped either in squares, strips, ribbons, fried (or baked) and served with a sprinkle of icing sugar on the top. The name Chiacchiere is from the verb "chiacchierare" - to chat; the name was chosen because of the crunchy noise they make when you eat them. However Chiacchiere is not the only name used for this sweet, it changes according to the region of Italy: for example in Tuscany they are called "Cenci", in Friuli -"Crostoli" in Veneto "Galani", in Emilia "Sfrappole", nelle Marche "Sfrappe", in Rome "Frappe" and so on. I made some, this year, and, because my son complained they were too plain, I brushed them with a mixture of honey, orange and maple syrup…and some had chocolate sauce too! I have to admit they were much tastier!

Orecchiette Melanzane e Pomodoro workshop

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Orecchiette with aubergines and tomatoes, a delicious vegetarian alternative to the orecchiette with broccoli & anchovies prepared previously. We compared the texture and malleability of the different pasta dough - the one prepared with the semolina, the one with fine semolina (farina di semola rimacinata) and the green orecchiette we made by adding liquidised spinach. After experimenting the different pressure applied on the knife when dragging the dough, some nice looking orecchiette were produced - well done ladies!

We enjoyed our freshly made pasta and raised a glass to our achievement!

The Italian traditional cooking experience has been considered by participants as a constructive and fun way of spending half a day with family and/or friends; an opportunity to have a go at making a dish and eat what we create. It can also be an excellent gift for an Italian food lover.

Italian Bank holiday

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calendar of national and international festivities ;

Events & festivals in Italy

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A good guide to found out what on in Italy where the food festivals are held or any art exibitions or other events you may like to see whilst visiting Italy

The Uffizi Gallery exhibition of a solo artist

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The Uffizi Galleries in Florence is hosting Ethiopian artist Tesfaye Urgessa. Video interview to the artist and the Uffizi director

Pandoro with a chocolate heart! Pandoro farcito

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For those who love chocolate: a Pandoro with a 'chocolate heart!' "Pandoro farcito". This one was made with frozen fresh yeast I wasn't sure it would come out right, because of the high rise, and instead it turned out to be just as good (it has to be dissolved it in warm water from frozen). I froze the yeast because I can't find it easily and besides, it has a short life spam, so I am pleased to have a back up plan! Also working with sourdough! We’ll see …stay tuned!